Finding True Organic Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning services is a $280 million industry in Australia and is comprised of a high number of small independent owner operators mainly due to the lack of proper regulation.  Professional carpet cleaning services provide services such as steam cleaning, dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning.  It is inevitable that carpets get dirty, vacuuming helps to a certain extent however does not provide a deep enough clean to remove stain, allergens and bacteria lurking deep beneath fibres.   The active cleaning agents in carpet cleaning contain some of the most toxic chemicals that are harmful to the human health; these chemicals can linger in the carpet long after cleaning and pollute indoor air quality.

It is important to ring around when obtaining professional carpet cleaning quotes, ask relevant questions to determine if true organic cleaning products are used.

  • Determine whether plant based or synthetic chemical cleaning solutions are used.
  • Is there a process to treat or transport wastewater responsibly after service? Wastewater and residue must not be discharged down the stormwater drain or onto the ground which can run off into waterways and cause major environmental consequences.
  • Ask for a material safety data sheet for the cleaning products used. The MSDS contains valuable health hazard information, if a service is unable to provide you with this information, keep looking.
  • Beware of greenwashing products and deceptive marketing attempts; products labelled with “eco-friendly”, “sustainable” and “green” may not be what they seem and are based on an unreasonably narrow set of attributes.
  • Look for third-party certification. Good Environmental Choice Australia, Australian Certified Organic, Bio-Dynamic Research Institute and NASAA Certified Organic certification ensures that customers are not misled with clever labelling, the products offered are free from toxic chemicals and harmful carcinogens.

Why Choose Organic Cleaning?

Why go organic?

If you ever had an interest in healthier living, you’ll understand the growing trend in organic cleaning. The demand for organic no longer lie in the foods we ingest but also in the cleaning products we use to clean our homes.  The truth is many ingredients in the common household cleaning products we’ve grown to know and trust are harmful to our health.  Although a lot of cleaning products carry legally required warning labels about poison, most do not list all ingredients on the label.

Air Fresheners – are found to contain phthalates which is a chemical found in many plastics, paints, pesticides and aerosol sprays. Phthalates are known to interfere with hormone production and known to cause birth defects and abnormalities.

Toilet Cleaners – contain the active chemical hydrochloric acid, although this acidic ingredient is effective in cleaning the toilet well, the corrosive nature can cause burning sensations to the skin and eye, respiratory tract irritation and kidney damage.

Oven Cleaners – can be harmful when ingested or inhaled, it contains corrosive alkalis that can cause severe burns inside the entire gastrointestinal tract.  Over exposure can cause breathing difficulty, swelling in the throat, burning in the nose, eyes, ears, lips or tongue.

Disinfectants – often contain ethanol, formaldehyde, chlorine and ammonia and can cause organ damage or depression.

Carpet Cleaners – are known to contain the chemical perchloroethylene and is a volatile organic compound and anticipated to be a human carcinogen.  It is known to affect the central nervous system, liver and kidneys.

What can I do to protect my health?

Australians are finding ways to reduce the number of chemicals they are exposed to and ridding conventional household cleaning products from the home, instead opting for organic cleaning products.  It would be beneficial to reduce the use and exposure of conventional cleaning products and replace them with alternative products that do not pose a health risk.  It is also important to request for organic cleaning services when in need of professional cleaning services.

Lemon – has a high food acidic rating, effective in removing most household bacteria.

Vinegar – cuts grease and lifts stains and is a great disinfectant for many surfaces around the home.

Borax – is a natural substance that can be used to clean, deodorize and disinfect and is safe to use on painted walls and floors.

Cornstarch – is excellent in cleaning oily carpet stains, polish silver and window cleaning.

Baking Soda – cleans, deodorizes and scours. Can be used to remove shower stains, clear drains and clean grout.